Instrument and process control services

Instrument Sales

Purchasing that vital piece of equipment can become confusing, expensive and risky without expert knowledge. Territory Instruments take the risk-factor out of investing in a valuable and important instrument or piece of equipment. With our combined years of expert knowledge, large network of suppliers and local sales reps, the buying process becomes streamlined and easy, allowing you to get on with the job at hand.

Local stock, no wait times

We are local, which saves you time. Thanks to our Darwin location we supply you with items as soon as you order them. This local stock allows us to easily replace old, worn out items minimising disruption to your day-to-day work. Your business should never be forced to put a job on hold because equipment hasn’t arrived.

Positioning ourselves in Darwin allows us to keep our prices competitive. Purchasing interstate equipment attracts expensive freight costs and risk. Instantly, an affordable piece of equipment becomes a pricey investment. Add to this the uncertainty of navigating through different brands without knowing who provides the highest quality; you can end up with an expensive investment that needs continual repairs.

Leading brands backed by local support

Territory Instruments is passionate about providing you with top quality items at a price that is affordable. As the official distributor of many leading instrumentation brands, we pick the items that we know last the test of time. Suddenly, the big job of speaking to numerous suppliers, checking their freight costs and sifting through reviews is eliminated. You gain your time back by working alongside professionals with specialised knowledge.

Get expert equipment advice

When you buy from Territory Instruments we know your piece of equipment inside-out; offering you customised calibration and hire services. This is a huge advantage to each industry type that we work with, minimising downtime from any job. We are the only local supplier who can bring equipment sales, hire and calibration together, saving you precious time and money. This integrated service frees you to efficiently deliver outcomes.

Save yourself, time money and energy by investing in locally stocked equipment. Purchase smartly with the advice and direction of a team of experts. Walk away with the knowledge that your instrument will perform the way you want it to, when you want it to.

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