Instrument and process control services


Territory Instruments specialises in specialist electrical contracting and hazardous area work, with all our staff holding Hazardous Areas Certificates, as well as a range of other specialised licences.

We are able to supply qualified and capable people, skilled in instrumentation and electrical works, to undertake contract maintenance work when required for a variety of short term needs such as:

  • Inspections
  • Planned maintenance shutdowns
  • Large construction projects
  • Holiday coverage

OH&S and licensing

Our high level of training and strong focus on OH & S means that we are able to work in a variety of hazardous environments and situations where regular contractors may not. We offer the safest, most efficient outcomes.

Territory Instruments holds a current Electrical Contractors Licence (no C1847), allowing us to offer complete process control solutions by integrating required general electrical work.

Specialist works

Teamed with our experience and existing inductions and certifications, particularly relating to hazardous areas, we are ready and able to undertake general electrical work in specialised situations such as offshore oil and gas rigs and secure defence sites. This saves significant time and money and allows for peace of mind that the electrician on the job is familiar with and trained for the environment.

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