Regular calibration is absolutely crucial to ensure that your instruments are measuring correctly and any corrections or fine tuning are undertaken before a problem is caused. This is especially important in demanding conditions where instruments can be affected over time by weather factors such as dust, heat and humidity.

Calibration Pricing

Download Price list for 2016 here.

Water quality testing equipment calibration

Water analysis has to be right. We calibrate instruments used to test the quality of water in a wide variety of industries and applications. Everything from particle counters, flow meters, laboratory or field equipment and many more.

Gas detection and emissions testing equipment

As the leading provider of Gas Detection & Emissions Testing solutions in Northern Australia we can calibrate your devices to suit your requirements.

Temperature measurement and control

Territory instruments will calibrate your temperature measurement and control devices to suit your requirements. Thermocouples, RTD Sensors, Thermowells, Temperature Controllers, Liquid Level Switches and other devices.

Pressure gauges and switches

We calibrate a diverse range of products for the Oil & Gas, Mining, Infrastructure, Electrical industries.

Electrical instruments

We calibrate a wide range of electrical testing & measuring instruments – not just multimeters. We can provide a certificate of calibration and on-going calibration support.

Scales and measurement

We can assist to calibrate devices and equipment for scales and measurement.

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