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Power Analyser - AEMC 3945

Power Analyser - AEMC 3945

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The AEMC 3945-B PowerPad is a hand-held three-phase power and power quality meter with a large easy-to-read graphical color display. It is a highly-capable, easy-to-use three phase power quality analyzer that offers more for your money than other higher-priced brands. If you're in the market a product like this, we highly recommend you check out this product.

All the AEMC PowerPad's measurements are displayed numerically and graphically with colored waveforms. The meter is menu driven with pop-up functions that are activated at the push of a button. All necessary measurements are available for a comprehensive power system check or analysis to 830Vrms; 6500Arms with a complete family of clamp-on and flexible probes.

Troubleshooting is so much easier, now you can see the volts, amps and harmonic content in real time and take pictures to document and analyze. The full color graphical display lets you see and analyze each signal clearly. Its high speed sample rate, at 256 samples per cycle, provides excellent fidelity in reproducing waveforms and capturing transients that happen as fast as 62.5µs.

The AEMC PowerPad Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer's large memory is stores four different types of data, synchronized with or independent of each other. In addition to the raw data, you can also store up to 12 screen snapshots, up to 50 captured transients that contain four cycles for each active input and 4096 alarm events. You can also record trend data for days, weeks or even months at the same time.

AEMC 3495-B PowerPad's direct access system lets you see the important information you need at the press of a button. Quickly review waveforms, harmonics, transients, alarms and recorded data on screen. Setup is straightforward using a combination of graphic and text prompts to quickly configure PowerPad for the job site.

Also, the AEMC 3945-B PowerPad has a logging function, a transient capture function, an event capture function, an optical RS-232 and an advanced software (DataView®), which can pilot the PowerPad and provide comprehensive graphical reports.

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