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Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing

Instruments in this category available for hire are:

Scope Meter - Fluke 123

A solution for industrial troubleshooting and installation applications including VDSs and instrumentation.

$105 per day

Power Analyser - AEMC 3945

Measure and carry out diagnostics and power quality work on single or three-phase networks.

$105 per day

Electrical Installation Tester - Metrel MI3125

Verify a complete electrical installation including insulation resistance, RCD, loop impedance, earth resistance and more.

$105 per day

Appliance Tester - Seaward PAC3760 Plus

A single instrument to test and tag all workplace appliances and electrical equipment.

$40 per day

Solar Installation Test Kit - Seaward Solar PV100

Test a complete solar installation; solar irradiance, earth continuity, insulation resistance, OC voltage, SC current and operational tests.

$50 per day

High Voltage Test Probes - 80K-6 & 80K-40

Test voltages up to 40,000V peak AC or DC on energy limited circuits with a standard multimeter.

$25 per day

Insulation Tester - Fluke 1507

A digital high voltage insulation tester for resistances up to 10GΩ.

$55 per day

Logging Clamp Meter - Toptronic T2608

A logging AC/DC clamp meter for currents up to 2000A.

$50 per day

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