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Earth Resistance Tester - Sonel MRU-105

Earth Resistance Tester - Sonel MRU-105

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The MRU-105 is a portable meter for earth resistance and earth resistivity measurement (Wenner's method). The instrument can measure resistance using the 2, 3, or 4 poles method. Measurements can be simplified using current clamps. The very high immunity for existing interference voltage AC + DC at which measurement is still performed: 24V (68V-p-p) but also measurement of existing interference voltage up to 40V is unique functionality of the meters. Moreover, it measures the resistance of the probes and calculate automatically the error coming from probe resistances. The MRU-105 meter can also be powered from Ni-MH batteries or standard C size, and the test results can be stored in the internal memory and transmitted to PC via a USB cable.

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