REDMETERS NON Nuclear Density Meter is easy to install designed with fool proof installation for efficiency and highly efficient available from Territory Instruments NT Australia.

Australia’s First NON-NUCLEAR slurry and dry bulk density meter

Territory Instruments is very proud to represent Red Meters in Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand. The Red Meter is an industrial measurement system providing key measurement data which can be used to optimise processes in real time. The data provided by a Red Meter can be used to calculate and measure density, pressure, flow rate and accumulated solids.

Installed inline within a processing pipeline, the RedMeter takes continuous readings which are recorded and used to perform a range of calculations by its integrated computer. These readings are then displayed on screen and can be output to third party systems.

The RedMeter is most often used in place of nuclear density gauges and in applications where a Coriolis meter is not viable. Its high accuracy and durability combined with ease of operation makes the Red Meter an ideal alternative to legacy measurement instruments

Red Meter works on a simple process. We simply measure the weight of what is in your pipe by measuring the deflection of your pipe, which is determined by how much product you are moving through your pipe. Combine that with our advanced math formulas and algorithms to give an accurate density reading every second without using any radiation at all.

Ruby, our built in software comes with every Red Meter, provides all the information on a display that is simple to read and extremely customisable. You can change the colour of the software and graphs, configure your display from hundreds of unit types, and access your data anywhere on your local network if you connect RedMeter to the internet.

RED METERS Non Nuclear Density Meters

RED METERS Non Nuclear Density Meter

  • Accuracy ± 0.5%
  • Repeatability ± 0.4%
  • Selectable Display Options
  • PIN-Secured configuration & calibration menu
  • Remote Interface (HMI)
  • Remote Support & Upgrades
  • Two 4-20 mA Outputs

Designed with fool proof installation for efficiency, your Red Meter simply sits inline with your existing pipe.

Real time data display helps you find the measurement “sweet spot”, ensuring your operation is as efficient as possible.

RED METERS Non Nuclear Density Meters
RED METERS Non Nuclear Density Meters

Industries Served

  • Mining
  • Fracking
  • Dredging
  • Tunneling
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Dry Bulk Materials
  • Truck Mounted Measurement
  • Petrolchemicals
  • Aggregates
  • Power


RED METERS Non Nuclear Density Meters

Take the guesswork out of your process

Measurement of drilling fluids is a complicated and variable task. A real-time measurement is paramount to well integrity. The Red Meter successfully interrogates fluids going to and coming from the well in addition to providing a relationship analysis between the two lines. Accurately measuring where other devices have failed because of fluctuations and difficult-to-measure variables help crews avoid kicks and maximize drilling efficiency.

When extracting fossil fuels, the cementing column is one of the most critical aspects of the process. Often, the cement blend becomes unbalanced causing it leave weak spots or cracks within the cement. Our non-nuclear density meter provides a precise, real-time, monitoring system to detect errors or fluctuation in cement density. With this data, errors can be corrected before the cement is mixed with water or goes down-hole, thereby becoming a solution before there becomes a problem.

RED METERS Non Nuclear Density Meters

Dredging Density Meter

Dredging operations, whether on land or sea, rely largely on guesswork during the monitoring process. Density measurement methods in the dredging industry either lack accuracy or achieve accuracy via costly measurement instrumentation that require frequent replacement due to high abrasion. The dredging industry deals with extremely abrasive media which can cause other types of instrumentation to become obstructed and lose accuracy.

Accurately measuring the density of dredging data in real-time is now possible with the Red Meters’ custom, durable design – fit to maximize dredging efficiency for your process controllers. The Red Meters’ sustainable build is key in eliminating the problems of abrasive slurries and vibration profiles on readings. Our vibration compensation algorithm empowers our system to remove the effects of vibration from its own density readings and will compensate the desired outcomes of all instrumentation connected to the electronics.

Territory Instruments is very proud to represent Red Meters in Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand.

Delivering to North Territory (NT), Western Australia (WA) , South Australia (SA) , Victoria (VIC) ,
Tasmania (TAS), New South Wales (NSW), Queensland  (QLD) and Papua New Guinea (PNG).

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