Wickham Point Gas Pipeline Inpex Lateral

  • Location: Wickham Point NT


Procurement and Installation of instrumentation on gas metering skids working in conjunction with PowerWater Corporation and APA.


  • Client: McConnell Dowell
  • Date: 2015
  • Contract Value: $60k

HMAS Coonawarra Fuel Farm

  • Client: John Holland
  • Location: HMAS Connawarra Darwin
  • Budget: $220K

Our team conducted electrical and instrumentation works, including:

  • Control system
  • Electrical power
  • Design and manugacture of control panels
  • Lighnting protection
  • Instrumentation
  • Control valve
  • Lighting

Client Feedback

“Your onsite supervisors & staff conducted themselves in a professional manner through-out the project and delivered a high quality installation. Special thanks to yourself Rob for your drive, initiative & commitment to achieving a successful outcome for the project.”
- Anthony Pearse, Service Manager

Bonaparte Gas Pipeline

  • Client: AJ Lucas
  • Location: Ban Ban Springs to Wadeye NT
  • Budget: $886K

Electrical and instrumentation works for the gas metering and five scrapper stations.

  • SCADA system
  • Solar panels
  • Electrical Power
  • Lighting
  • Instrumentation
  • Control Valves

RAAF Darwin Fuel Farm Seven

  • Client: MacMahon
  • Location: RAAF Darwin
  • Budget: $1.7 million

Electrical and instrumentation works included:

  • SCADA system
  • Electrical power
  • Design and manufacture of MCCs and control panel
  • Lightning protection
  • Instrumentation
  • Control valves
  • Lighting
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