Territory Instruments and Process Insights global analytical instrumentation have forged a new relationship to promote this line of world class process automation products and solutions. These products are at work all over the world delivering innovative and differentiated analysis and measurement solutions that add high value to our customers.

We at Territory Instruments are committed to delivering innovation that helps our customers create the products and services that make our lives better and protects our environment. With continued pursuit, our strategic and global expansion LAR offers significant future opportunities across the value chain for our channel partners like Territory Instruments.


The Process Insights Portfolio:


Dew Point Measurement

Dew point and moisture content plays a large role in the quality, shelf life, pricing, weight, and ability to process many products. COSA offers intuitive, easy-to-use moisture analyzers ideal for quality control, production and in-process control of many industries, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, and the food and beverage industries. With user-friendly interface, our multi-functional dew point meters are fast and accurate with low maintenance.

COSA Xentaur dew point meters use the patented Hyper-Thin-Film (HTF™) Aluminum Oxide Technology. COSA Xentaur’s breakthrough Hyper-Thin-Film Technology is based on major advances in thin-film technology and metal oxide sciences. It provides measurements with a sensitivity several orders of magnitude larger than of those made with all other technologies. HTF™ sensors are free of drift and insensitive to temperature changes over most of their range.

Cosa Xentaur – HDT Series Dew Point Meter Transmitter 


The COSA Xentaur HDT Series Dew Point Meter is a rugged and unique loop powered dew point meter capable of accurate and reliable gas and liquid hydrocarbon phase measurements.

The HDT Dew Point Meter uses a COSA Xentaur HTF™ high capacitance aluminum oxide sensor with a measuring range of -100ºC to +20ºF or -60ºC to +20ºC.

Customers can also request special ranges for special applications. Our dew point sensors provide a high degree of accuracy, speed, of response and stability unavailable from instruments using conventional aluminum oxide or polymer sensors.

Cosa Xentaur – LPDT Series Dew Point Meter Transmitter


The COSA Xentaur LPDT Series Dew Point Meter Transmitter is the world’s smallest loop powered (2-wire) dew point transmitter with easy to read display.

The LPDT Series uses a COSA Xentaur HTF™ aluminium oxide sensor. The breakthrough HTF™ sensor technology represents advances in thin film and metal oxide sciences and other significant performance advantages over all other aluminium oxide sensors. The operating principle of the HTF™ aluminium oxide sensors is that a hygroscopic layer of aluminium oxide adsorbs or releases water molecules within its pores, depending on the water vapor pressure in its environment. The electrical capacitance of the aluminium oxide layer changes with the surrounding water vapor pressure. The electrical capacitance is measured between the aluminium core of the sensor and a porous conductive gold layer on the outside.

The advantages of the HTF™ sensor technology are a result of the proprietary manufacturing method in which the aluminium oxide layer is made to be hyper thin as well as extremely hygroscopic. This results in a very sensitive sensor with fast response.

Cosa Xentaur – XDT Series Dew Point Meter Transmitter 


The COSA Xentaur XDT Series digital dew point transmitters are designed as compact, simple and reliable instruments, which will continually monitor air dryer performance, compressed air quality and dry gas moisture, from ambient dew point levels to as low as -100ºC (-148ºF) up to +20ºC (+68ºF).

Cosa Xentaur – XDT Series
Dew Point Meter Transmitter Explosion Proof 


The XDT Series Dew Point Meter Transmitter Explosion Proof is in explosion proof enclosure, is UL approved for use in Hazardous Locations Class I Division 1 Groups B, C & D.

The COSA Xentaur dew point transmitters are used wherever the dewpoint in a gas is critical. Applications including monitoring and control of air dryers, plastic dryers, welding and laser gases, petrochemical feedstock gases, natural gas, clean rooms, glove boxes, transformer and switch gear insulation gases, cryogenic gases, heat treating furnaces, industrial specialty gases and many more.

Cosa Xentaur
Dew Point Extractive Sampling System ESS

Process Insights Cosa Xentaur

The COSA Xentaur ESS dew point extractive sampling system has a modular design and can be configured to accommodate almost any measurement requirement for dew point analysis utilizing several different dew point meters manufactured by COSA Xentaur.

Emission Monitoring

Territory Instruments analyzers are affordable and accurate multi-gas, oxygen, and COe analyzers for continuous emissions monitoring for industrial plants, power generation, refineries, engines, and turbines.

  • Effective gas analyzers for combustion and emissions monitoring
  • Engineered to deliver accurate measurement
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership

Cosa Xentaur
O2CX Oxygen & Coe Analyzer 


In-situ, real-time readings for optimal fuel efficiency of boilers, furnaces, and kilns, with fast and simple service ability, and all at a tremendous value.

The COSA Xentaur O2CX Oxygen and COe Analyzer is the ideal choice to optimize fuel efficiency on most combustion sources and for stack oxygen applications. It has several significant advantages over other oxygen transmitters. The addition of our unique combustible sensor allows the process to safely operate with a lower Excess Air ratio, which translates into higher fuel efficiencies.

COSA 707
Hand Held Multi-Gas Emissions Analyzer


The COSA Xentaur 707 handheld multi-gas emissions analyzer is ideal for industrial and combustion processes.

  • Easy to hold, handheld emissions analyzer
  • Capable of measuring up to seven different gases
  • Can be equipped with up to 6 electrochemical sensors and a CO2 IR-bench for simultaneous measurements
  • Cells can be installed for making measurements of low CO and low NO down to 0.1ppm
  • Modern, slimline enclosure with fixing magnets
  • Super bright, color 3.5″ TFT-display with LED backlight
  • Mini-USB for cable data transfer
  • IRDA interface for high-speed IR printer
  • Integrated condensate trap with PTFE filter and LED backlight with zoom function
  • Menu guided software and function keys

Cosa Xentaur
Zirconia Oxygen Gas Analyzers


The COSA Xentaur zirconia oxygen gas analyzers are widely used; not only in industries of high energy consumption, such as steel, power, petroleum/petrochemicals, ceramics, paper/pulp, food, and textile industries, but also in various combustion facilities, such as garbage incinerators and medium-to-small sized boilers, as combustion controllers, achieving a significant energy-saving effect.

The oxygen concentration control ensures complete combustion, thus reducing CO2, SOX, and NOX emissions and helping prevent global warming and air pollution.

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