Territory Instruments has partnered with world leading manufacturers of measuring and control devices, including Baker Hughes Digital Solutions, DRUCK, Process Insights, Fluke and Honeywell.

Mines are some of the most dangerous, inhospitable workplaces in the world, and they demand the highest level of measurement and control accuracy, and reliablity to maintain the highest level of safety.

We are an authorised Channel of Druck brand of product, offering factory endorsed calibrations and service. We provide Fixed and Portable Gas Detection Monitoring Devices from HONEYWELL .


Honeywell Universal Gas Transmitter

Territory Instruments has been supplying products, calibration and deep maintenance services to mining companies in the Northern Territory for 20 years, products such as:

  • Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Analysers – Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine, pH, and others
  • TOC, COD and Toxicity Analysers
  • Pulsar Flow and Level Measurement systems
  • Down bore Data Loggers
  • ThermoFisher Data Loggers
  • Xylem Portable Analysers
  • Pressure Sensors – Borehole, SDI-12
  • Gas Monitoring – Chlorine, Ammonia, Methane etc
  • Remote Telemetry Units – 4G, Satellite, RF
  • Moisture Analysers
  • Alcohol Breath Analysers
  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection
  • Ex D WiFi 4G Connection, and Wireless Comms products.

Our world class workshop and NATA ISO 17025 Calibration Lab in Darwin supports all products sold by Terriotry Instruments highly qualified service team.

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