Territory Instruments has a long history of working in Timor-Leste, watching it grow immensely due to the positive impact of the large oil and gas projects established in recent years.

Qualified both on, and off, shore

Working alongside offshore major projects is second-nature to the Territory Instruments team. Our staff are qualified in aviation environments and maritime conditions making us fully equipped provide calibration and process control services to Oil & Gas and Defence operations in the area.

Project outcomes

A huge advantage to our clients in Timor-Leste is our team’s combined ability to speak many languages, and communicate with multiple nationalities, making jobs dramatically easier. This has a huge positive impact on job completion. Cultural differences are simply navigated and local relationships are fast built, resulting in quick completion of major projects. We speak your language, maximising efficiency.

Strategically positioned

Our Darwin headquarters makes us the perfect partners to major project work in Timor-Leste. The small distance between the two locations ensures we can deliver equipment and service promptly. We pride ourselves on a flexible, customised service. Thanks to our long history of working on projects in the area, we are able to quickly source solutions for all your instrument requirements.

ISO certified

Territory Instruments holds ISO certification and is able to ensure all your equipment is compliant. Thanks to our smart software we keep up-to-date records on every Instrument we have serviced which allows us to notify you when a piece of equipment is non-compliant. We mitigate risk, simplify compliance audits and ensure your equipment is safe.

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