North Western Australia

Northern Western Australia has seen significant development through mining projects and oil and gas programs. With civilisation many kilometres away, it has become clear that businesses providing services to these areas need to be flexible, able to work remotely and highly skilled.

Complete process control solutions to oil & gas, mining, and defence

Territory Instruments is the perfect fit to provide accredited calibration and process control services, and equipment sales and hire, to major projects in North Western Australia. Our proven service model provides a complete solution to the Mining, and Oil & Gas sectors in the area, ensuring process control equipment is compliant, safe and operational.

Headquartered in Darwin, we stock a large range of equipment making it easy to replace old, worn equipment with no freight waits or cost. This is essential to clients that work in remote locations, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Minimise disruption, and improve efficiency

As an official distributor of many leading instrumentation and equipment brands you can trust in our range of instruments and test equipment. Your instruments will not fail mid-job, giving you the security of knowing you will not be need to make repairs and disrupt the operations of your team.

Our Darwin-based site allows us to provide exceptional, responsive and professional service to clients in North Western Australia. In working with Territory Instruments you have chosen a supplier that knows North Western Australia, and can provide the equipment, service and support you need.

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