Territory Instruments is pleased to promote, service and support AMI’s extensive range of world class moisture analyzers.

Since its founding in 1995, Advanced Micro Instruments (AMI) has been transforming trace gas measurement for critical applications by offering gas analyzers with revolutionary designs and breakthrough technologies. AMI began as an effort to develop a superior trace oxygen analyzer compared to anything else available in the market at the time.

Today Territory Instruments represents AMI throughout Australia, promoting these world class moisture analyzers to many industry sectors.

Why Measure Moisture in Natural Gas?

Trace moisture analysis is a critical measurement in the Natural Gas Industry. Water content in natural gas increases both the cost of transportation and compression and does nothing to increase the heating value of the gas. Even in small trace amounts, water can combine with O2, CO2 and H2S to form a corrosive mixture that can cause damage to a pipeline, even to the point of rupture. For these reasons, natural gas is typically ‘dried’ or dehydrated to remove as much water as possible before its introduction into the pipeline network. 

Moisture measurements are performed before and after processing and storage and during transportation to ensure that the water content of the gas falls within acceptable limits. These levels are set by tariff and govern the custody transfer between the current owner and future owner of the gas as it is being moved through the pipeline. Within the U.S., the established moisture limit for interstate transfer is 7 lbs/mmscf.

Low Power Consumption

There are times when pipeline operators need to perform trace moisture measurements in a remote field location where no supply of electricity is available. In these instances, solar power can be a viable solution only if the power requirements of the Analyzer remain below a certain level for full operation.


TDL Moisture Analyzers

THE BARRACUDA – MODEL 4010LX Moisture Analyzer

AMI – Advanced Micro Instruments

The innovative design and Patented technologies of the MODEL 4010LX deliver a highly reliable, extremely compact and user-friendly product at a fraction of the cost of competitive analyzers. It is packed with sought after features that make measuring trace moisture in gas streams easy, even in challenging field conditions. The BARRACUDA has quickly become the standard for TDL moisture analyzers in the natural gas industry.

Reliable H2S Measurements – Made Incredibly Easy

Trace Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Analyzers designed for the user and packed with unmatched features.

AMI – MODEL 3010BX – Trace Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Analyzer

AMI – Advanced Micro Instruments

The MODEL 3010BX is AMI’s next generation Trace H2S Analyzer. Its patented technologies and superior design make the Analyzer the top pick among engineers and measurement technicians seeking reliable and accurate H2S measurements under harsh conditions.

AMI – Model – Portable Trace Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Analyzer

AMI – Advanced Micro Instruments

Dependable, H2S Measurement Made Easy For The Field

The MODEL 3000RS Portable H2S Analyzer is the perfect choice for safely and accurately measuring ppm levels of H2S in the natural gas industry. Patented innovations and key features are designed into a compact and rugged package. Our patented Cell Block and high-performance sensor produce a safe, fast and reliable H2S measurement in a variety of harsh applications. The 3000RS is outfitted with a datalogging feature serving as a useful tool when spot-checking multiple sites per day.

AMI – Model – 2010BX Oxygen Analyzer

AMI – Advanced Micro Instruments

Trace Oxygen Analyzer


The MODEL 2010BX is AMI’s most advanced Trace Oxygen Analyzer. This next generation unit combines patented technologies and superior design to deliver unsurpassed performance and reliability while keeping costs low. The MODEL 2010BX is the #1 choice among engineers and measurement technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a moisture analyzer used for?

A moisture analyzer is an analytical instrument used to measure the trace amount of water in a dry gas stream. The measurement from a moisture analyzer can be used to perform certain actions, like activate a process alarm or alert operators to the presence of moisture in their gas stream. Moisture analyzers are commonly used to detect moisture in natural gas, dry nitrogen, and biogas.

What is the working principle of a moisture analyzer?

There are different working principles of a moisture analyzer, based on the measurement technology being used. Tunable diode laser gas analyzers will measure the absorbance of laser light by the moisture in a gas stream at a known wavelength and convert it into a moisture reading. Aluminum-oxide analyzers work by measuring water molecules as they pass through a porous gold and aluminum oxide matrix on a sensing probe. An additive capacitance reaction takes place, which produces a low-level alternating current which is then translated into a moisture measurement. Chilled mirror measuring detects the level of moisture in the gas stream that condenses on a mirror surface.

What is the best moisture analyzer?

Tunable Diode Laser or TDL Gas Analyzers are the best moisture analyzers for measurement of trace moisture in gas streams. They provide fast accurate moisture measurements that are not impacted by contaminates in the gas stream. AMI’s MODEL 4010LX Moisture Analyzer is a light weight, compact and cost-effective design that provides continuous gas measurements at trace levels. It includes many standard control features that are not found on other moisture analyzers.

How do you do moisture analysis?

Moisture analysis within a gas stream is done with a Moisture Analyzer. A small sample line is connected to the main gas source, and the target gas flows through the gas analyzer. The Moisture Analyzer will use one of many potential measurement methods to detect the level of moisture in the gas stream.

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